When one should start preparing for Civil Services Exam

Updated: May 23, 2020

I know before landing to this page you must have visited many sites, listened to several gurus / trainers on YouTube and few of you may have visited to training institutes.

But still this million dollar question remains...

Should I start after completion of graduation?

Should I begin once I complete my 10th or 12th exams?

Civil services exam though considered as the toughest but it is not so...Surprise!!!

Yes you have read it correctly. Now why I am saying this... Because if you refer any sites or trainers or institutes you will be definitely told to start with NCERT books. That means at any stage you start your preparation, you will have to refer your school books again from 6th to 12th.

So obviously, the earlier you start your preparation, the probability of success goes high.

But many aspirants are unaware of civil services and they come to know about it very late, may be during the graduation or at the end of graduation. Don't worry or be stressed because you are late starter. If you designed your strategy in proper manner and implement it efficiently you still have high chance of getting success.

That means though the early bird may reap benefit, what matters in your success is your strategy and its effective implementation. My next posts will explain the strategies, resources and techniques that could help you in this journey.

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