Taking Notes From Newspaper Made Easy

Editorial from THE HINDU

In my last post, we learnt how to make notes from the newspaper.

In this post I want to show you with an example how the steps given in my last post can be implemented.

This is the editorial from ‘THE HINDU’ newspaper.

After going through this article identify where this particular news item fit into the syllabus.

Looking at the news item it fits into GS paper 2. One thing that is to be understood is that the news item or editorial may have to be classified into different parts of the syllabus. Here the editorial is restricted to the GS paper 2. Let us discuss about the highlighted text.

Here the text is highlighted in different colours for analysis purpose.

Text that is highlighted in yellow colour indicates the material that would be important from the main exam perspective. For instance, read the opening line “The Rajya Sabha is losing its sheen as an exalted forum for scholarly debate.” This opening line itself can be asked as a question in the following manner.

The Rajya Sabha is losing its sheen as an exalted forum for scholarly debate. Discuss.

The Rajya Sabha is losing its sheen as an exalted forum for scholarly debate” Do you agree with this statement. Justify your response.

The Rajya Sabha is losing its sheen as an exalted forum for scholarly debate. Do you think the Upper house has lost its significance and merely become the rehabilitation centre for retired Government officials?

Just from the one statement, you can frame number of questions.

The other part highlighted in yellow colour can be directly used in answering the question may be as a filler, as a concluding remark or elaborating your answer citing it as a fact.

Text marked with blue colour are mere figures or political facts or may be concluding remark by the editor that are not essential from exam point of view. You can ignore it.

Let us see this article from Prelims General Studies paper perspective.

Here the key word is Rajya Sabha. Obviously, note down the articles in the constitution that relate to Parliament and especially Rajya Sabha. Go through all the details related to Rajya Sabha.

Assume that you are reading same article in CSAT paper, you may be asked questions like

What is tone of the passage?

What inference you can draw from the passage?

What I want to convey is that you do not require separate preparation for English section in CSAT paper i.e. paper 2 in prelims especially for English part, If you study every news article as a passage.

If you analyse each and every article in detail it will help in your preparation in all stages of exam.

Below I am giving you the specimen how your notes may look like.

It is indicative only and not exhaustive so you may add several things.

After reading this post you will be able to take notes from newspaper.

Happy Reading.

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