Strategy for Civil Services Preparation

Friends, in this post I am going to discuss what should be your strategy to begin with this exam.

If you have not read my previous post when you should start preparation then you can read it here.

It is obvious that strategies will differ from individual to indivdual.

Here I am discussing the strategy for those who are doing their graduation..for those who have completed 12th and pursuing the graduation but yet to complete it.

Let's begin....

First of all you are the luckiest person if you come to know about this exam at so early age because you have ample time to prepare and the possibility of cracking this exam in 1st attempt itself is very high...

You may be pursuing graduation in various fields, may be Medical, Engineering, Arts, Commerce, Science etc. What this exam demands from you are the quaities like analytical and logical reasoning, aptitude skills,

behavourial skills, ability to come with solutions i.e problem solving skills and many more that will be discussed in further posts.

Let us see what things you must do to improve these skills.

First and foremost, if you don't have habit of reading the newspaper then make it your daily routine. Some of you may be reading sport's page or may be following your favourite celebrities. It is fine but you have to also make habit of reading the editorial and opinion page.

Which newspaper should I read may be your next query...Right ?

This is also topic of discussion where I will write separate post.

But for time being, I suggest you to read any newspaper which is available. But make sure to read at least one English and one local language News paper. Now you may ask why 2 newspapers ?

Because don't forget you have to select one language paper in Main exam. After 12th most of the aspirants do not read or write anything in local language. So, always be in touch with your local language.

This is about reading but what about the writing skills ?

I suggest you to write at least 200 words on any topic that you find interesting, once in a week. Why ?

Initially you may find it difficult but it is the most essential skill you should develop.

It is for improving your writing skills and enabling you to put your thoughts with right choice of words.

Moreover, don't forget you have an Essay paper that can make or break your chance.

The above things you have to do is basically to improve your reading and writing skills.

Won't these activites eat up my time ?

Let's calculate... 2 hours daily for newspapers and 2 hours in a week to improve your writing skills..It means you just have to keep aside

16 hours in a week for these tasks...

In a nutshell, you have to just give less than 10 percent of your total week hours..That's not a big deal..I guess.

For those readers who are aleady graduates and preparing for this exam full time or with job ...Don't worry... you have to also improve your writing skills but you have to dedicate much more time.

My upcoming posts will elaborate several techniques that can be used to study in a smart manner.

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In my next posts, I will discuss about how to read newspapers and many more techniques..till then Good bye.

Happy reading...

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