India Year Book 2020 Chapterwise Download

Updated: May 28, 2020

Hello Friends, nice to see you again.

Hope you have read my previous blog post regarding the strategy about the preparation for exam. If not then click here .

Continuing with the earlier posts , today I will urge you to start with

India Year Book 2020.

It is published by Publications Division that comes under the Ministy of Information and Broadcasting.

Should I read this book ?

Yes. Because once you go through it, you will get basic idea about several things. In short you will know something about everything.

This book is published by Government of India so it must be free.

Definitely not. You have to purchase it just like other books.

But to save your money you can download this book from Downloads section.

For simplicity, each and every chapter is separately maintained as pdf file. With 32 chapters you have 32 pdf files. It is your choice with which chapter you want to begin. But I will suggest you to go in a serial manner.

This book is basically published so that citizens know about their country and what initiatives have been taken by Governemnt of India in previous year. So even if you are not preparing for any exam this book will surely make you informative and knowledgeable to great extent.

You may have this doubt that when there are lot of year books available in market by several publications what is the point in reading this book...

You can read any year book published by any publications...but one thing you must know that Government published Year Book is the reference for all these why not to read original content.

The most important point.... when you are preparing for the exam that is conducted by the Government itself, Is it not wise thing to read the book published by Government itself ? Think over it.

Moreover, in case of any discrepancy in exam paper, the data and facts mentioned in this book are considered as correct.

Now it is a big book....Which chapters should I read ? may be your next query. Right?

When you are reading it for first time read each and every chapter even if you feel sleepy at some point of time.

Don't worry even if you fall asleep.

Mark the chapters that make you sleepy...may be helpful when you crave for sleep...

In my next posts, I will discuss which chapters are important and which chapters can be skipped...Before that you please complete your first reading of it.

So, don't forget to download the book. For your convenience the book has been split up into 32 pdf files.... You won't find such easy way to read this book.

Kindly share the post.

Happy reading.

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